Monthly Archives: August 2015

Funny looking puggle

Every puggle looks different, depending on the dogs they are bred with.  Some look more like a pug, some more like a beagle and some are a perfect combination of both. 

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Red bandanna puggle

I look a bit like a labrador, but I’m a puggle through and through.

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Sleeping puggles

Puggles can sleep up to 20 hours a day, especially when not encouraged to get up.

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Blue eyed puggle

I’m one of the rare puggles with blue eyes.

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Puggle in the park

This is my favourite time of day.

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Puggle in the grass

How’s this pose on the grass for you?

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Clever puggle

For some reason, my owners love dressing me up.

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Puggle underbite

I’m not angry honestly, I look like this all the time.

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Running puggle

I’ll bring the ball back to you if you have a treat for me!

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Baby puggle

I’m a baby with cuddly soft fur.

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