Black puggle

I'm a black beauty.

I’m a black beauty.

What game are we going to play now?

Puggles are known to be playful dogs.  Expect them to be running round the house running off with your socks, a toy or a ball waiting for you to chase them.

They are naturally mischievous by nature and more so when they are a puppy or young dog.  They definitely start to calm down a lot more after 1.5-2 years old.

Puggles usually get along with everyone from families, kids and other pets. Like all dogs, early socialization is best to ensure they interact well with other people and dogs.  This well help them to avoid social problems.

Some potential behavioural problems that puggles may have is howling when you leave, barking, digging and wandering off.  However all puggles can be trained and they will get used to you leaving them at home by themselves if you don’t have any other pets.



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