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Puggles in the tulips

Puggles love to run through tall fields of grass.  It must be something about the feeling as they love to zip through it.

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Alert puggle

Puggles are clever dogs and pretend they are good guard dogs.

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Puggle love

Puggles love affection, so make sure you give your puggle snuggles every day!

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Puggle bone

Wondering what you should feed your puggle?  Read on to find out what they love to eat and what’s good for them.

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Tired out puggle

All dogs can learn to love swimming in the water, however it’s something best started at a young age.

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Grumpy puggle

This is a very grumpy looking puggle but he is also very cute.

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Funny looking puggle

Every puggle looks different, depending on the dogs they are bred with.  Some look more like a pug, some more like a beagle and some are a perfect combination of both. 

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Red bandanna puggle

I look a bit like a labrador, but I’m a puggle through and through.

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Sleeping puggles

Puggles can sleep up to 20 hours a day, especially when not encouraged to get up.

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Blue eyed puggle

I’m one of the rare puggles with blue eyes.

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