Clever puggle

They call me clever puggle.

They call me clever puggle.

For some reason, my owners love dressing me up.

Pug owners have been known to dress their dogs up.  So it only makes sense to dress up a puggle!

Puggles aren’t the biggest fans of being dressed up.  They will probably try and tear off whatever outfit you place on them.  So best to dress them up, take a photo of it and then take it off.

Like the photo says, puggles are clever.  The combination of pug and beagle creates a very playful, inquisitive and cheeky dog.  As we all know, beagles are renowned for their sense of smell and puggles definitely inherit this.  When you take them out for a walk, they will have their head down and nose to the ground to smell out whatever trail they may find.  Fortunately they aren’t quite as extreme as a beagle though as once they are done with sniffing things out, they would much rather play!

Puggles love their owners and want to please them at every chance.  However they have a very cheeky streak and will run off with something they know they shouldn’t have, like a sock or some food they find. They will run away so you can chase them and join in their game or quickly gobble the piece of food they know they shouldn’t have.

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