Puggle on leash

What a cutie!

What a cutie!

I love being outside on the grass. :)

Like all dogs, puggles love being outside and frolicking amongst the grass.  But be warned, everyone will want to pat your puggle and shower him with affection because of his friendly nature and cute looks.

It’s advisable to walk your puggle on a leash when walking down the street and across traffic.  Not only is walking your dog off a leash illegal, it is also putting your puggle in danger.  They can be trained to walk alongside you obediently, however this takes time and patience.

Puggles are playful and sociable by nature, so it is only natural that they would run up to other dogs or people they see.  If your puggle isn’t on a leash, they could run across traffic and get themselves injured which is what no-one wants.  Practise basic commands with your puggle on the leash and reward them with treats and lots of praise.  Soon enough, they will be walking by your side and listening to your commands.

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