Funny looking puggle

Funny looking puggle

I have the eyes of a pug and the ears of a beagle.

Every puggle looks different, depending on the dogs they are bred with.  Some look more like a pug, some more like a beagle and some are a perfect combination of both.  This one has a face only a mother can love.  Just kidding, all puggles are cute. :)

So will you know what your puggle puppy will look like as an adult?  More of a pug or more of a beagle?  The only way to know what they will grown into is if you know the parents of the puggle.  This will give a good indication as to whether they will have more traits of one or the other and if they will have an underbite or not.

Also puggles can breed with puggles hence creating 2nd or 3rd generation puggles.  Otherwise a puggle is known as a beagle bred with a pug to create a puggle.  Either way, all puggles are adorable and remember to only ever purchase a puggle from a well-respected breeder.

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