Gorgeous puggle

Give me what you've got.

Give me what you’ve got.

I know you’ll give me some of your food when I look as cute as this.

Puggles are often too smart for their own good and will often try to manipulate people for food.  Of course all they have to do is look cute to manipulate someone, but they will often put their paw out to you to ask for something to eat.  With a face as cute as this, they will often get away with it.

The more your puggle is around you, the more you and your puggle will begin to understand each other.  It’s quite amazing how dogs can do actions towards their owners which almost seem human-like.  Some examples include your puggle putting their paw on you to say ‘Can I please have some of what you’re having?’ or when you’ve been upset with your puggle, they may carefully climb up to you and try to lick your face to say ‘I’m sorry, will you forgive me?’  All of these qualities are extremely endearing and why we love our dogs.

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