Fat puggle

Do I get some more food for dinner?

So I’ve put on a few pounds, so what?  I’m still cute.

Puggles love to eat and unfortunately that can mean they get fat!  So make sure you don’t overfeed your dog and give him lean healthy food.  Exercise every day is a must if you want to have a fit puggle, otherwise they can become fat couch potatoes begging for more food even when they aren’t hungry.

How much should you feed a puggle?  It’s recommended to feed a puggle 1.5 cups of high quality food a day and it’s nice to divide this into 2 meals, one at morning and one at night.  This is so that puggles don’t gorge themselves at one meal and get a bloated stomach.  Just like humans, it’s better to spread your meals out rather than eat one large meal in one sitting.

Of course you can judge your feeding based on how active your puggle is.  If your puggle is out running around for 2 hours a day, you will know if you need to feed them more or not.  Most times your dog will let you know if they are hungry.  Remember to take all the treats you feed your dog into account throughout the day.  These too can contribute to their overall food intake and if too man treats can mean an overweight dog.

Raw chicken necks or chicken wings are great to feed your puggle every now and then.  They absolutely go nuts for them and they will also help to keep their teeth clean.

Always make sure your puggle has sufficient water nearby.

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