Puggle in the grass

I just want to lie in this grass all day

I just want to lie in this grass all day.

How’s this pose on the grass for you?

Puggles are one of the cutest puppies you can get.  They are soft, cuddly and have the cutest faces.  How can they not be one of the most favourite breeds of dogs?  Simply put, they are adorable.  I think this photo proves it!

Puggles have a very soft coat with the mixture of the beagle and pug.  They have a short coat which malts a lot, so be prepared to do a lot of vacuuming or sweeping if you have your puggle indoors.  Unfortunately this is unavoidable.

When it comes to change of season, their coats will change.  For instance when the weather is about to go into winter, puggles will shed some of their fur and it will be replaced with a nice, thicker coat.  Puggles can still feel the cold though, so it’s nice to have a little coat for them for during the day or night time.

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