Puggle in the park

I love frolicking in amongst the grass

I love frolicking in amongst the grass.

This is my favourite time of day. :)

Puggles love nothing more than running in the park, chasing a ball or other dogs.  Give them at least an hour of running and play and they will be relaxed happy dogs at home.  They also love to sniff around in the grass due to the beagle nose.

Puggles are very social dogs so they love to run with the pack.  This is quite important to raising a well-adjusted puggle.  Keeping them socialised and playing with other dogs will keep your puggle happy and loving life and you!

Some puggles can be very vocal and bark a lot when they are excited and not all dogs like this unfortunately.  So if your puggle thinks they are bigger than what they are barks at a bigger, older dog telling them to play, keep an eye on them as sometimes other dogs can get agitated and lash out.  The bark comes from the beagle side as beagles can bark quite a lot.

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