Red bandanna puggle

Do you like my red bandanna?

Do you like my red bandanna?

I look a bit like a labrador, but I’m a puggle through and through.

Puggles come in all colours from fawn, brown, black to multi-coloured.  They can sometimes have a face that resembles a smaller labrador but the body is very different, often with a curly tail.

They may come in many different colours but their personality is generally the same.  They are fun loving dogs who love people and generally have a good nature.  Puggles really adapt well to all different types of households.  If you are an energetic person, your puggle will love to go for a walk with you and play at the park.  If you are a couch potato, your puggle will also be happy to snuggle up next to you and sleep most of the day away.  Generally as long as they get outside for at least one walk a day, they are happy.

They are great with children and will most times love licking and playing with a child because they are similar size to them.  Therefore they make great pets for families with kids or growing families.  Of course they are still animals so it’s best to never leave a baby unsupervised with a dog, but they are known to be great companions for any household.

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  1. Ann peters says:

    So cute

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