Sleeping puggles

Sleeping puggles

We’re so tired, we just have to sleep here for a while.

Puggles can sleep up to 20 hours a day, especially when not encouraged to get up.

Some puggles like to curl up under sheets or clothes, this makes them feel safe and heighten their comfort levels which leads to longer sleeps!

However it’s best to note that if you have a couch potato for a puggle you should feed them accordingly.  That means not overfeeding them as a puggle will always take more food if you offer it.  Dogs like humans, will put on weight if you eat more calories than you expend.  So if you like to feed your puggle a good meal, make sure they build up a bit of an appetite for it.

Puggles look  extremely cute when they are sleeping with their soft fur and folds of skin around their face. Nothing promotes a better sleep than a big walk or run at the park.  When puggles are extremely tired, it can be hard to get them up!  Which can be great if you have an over-energetic puggle.

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