Sleepy Puggle

Puggle under covers

Don’t ask me to get out of bed!!

One of my favourite things is to be under covers and sleep in until as late as possible.

If given the chance, puggles will sleep with you in bed.  They absolutely love being under covers and being warm.  They will also sleep in late if given the opportunity and can be hard to get up.  A lot of dogs enjoy the comfort and security of being under covers and puggles are no different.  If given the chance, some would sleep under covers for the majority of the day apart from having to pee, poo and go for a walk.

So why do dogs like to be under blankets? They love to sleep and relax under covers to feel safe, warm and protected.  Maybe it brings them back to the memories of being tucked under their mother as a tiny puppy?  When leaving your puggle puppy at home by themselves, it’s a good idea to keep them in a contained space with their bed and some blankets or towels.  This will help them feel cosy, calm and safe.  If you let your puppy roam the whole house, it can be very overwhelming and scary and it will give them a chance to get themselves into mischief and possibly harm themselves.


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